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Frequently Asked Questions

The good news is yes. We offer the option to both create and manage our clients’ website, but it’s not mandatory. We can manage a website that someone else created or create a and let the client manage it. We highly recommend our clients to let us manage the websites for at least 6 months to make sure it’s thriving on the web. 

Yes. We design flyers, forms, banners, web and digital campaign contents, and more. Please, kindly note that we only offer digital design services, we don’t offer services related to the painting industry like making a design on a wall.

Yes, We’ll repair any failure that occurs within the next 3 months after creating the website or service.

Please kindly note that we are not going to fix anything that you or one of your employees mess up within the warranty.

That’s why we highly recommend our clients to a professional in the industry to manage their websites. 

We only access data from the websites or digital platforms that we manage. When finishing our contracts with our clients we stop accessing everything, and therefore, we can’t help them with anything from the back end of their digital platforms unless they give us access again. 


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