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Are you looking to get better results on social media? You've come to the right place.

We'll help you identify your target audience, track conversions and increase user engagement

We combine both paid and organic strategies to our clients get the best out of social media. No matter the characteristics of your target audience, if they are on social media, we’ll reach them!

Our approach

Insight. Creativity. Technology.

We follow a three-step process to create your master piece or meet your necessities.  


We set a meeting with our clients where we make sure we understand their need. We conceptualize a solution...


As soon as we know our clients necessity and we plan a solution, we put ourselves to work.


After developing a solution, we make sure it actually works as expected by using different techniques like A/B testing to evaluate its performance.

Some Of Our Works

We've already created various '' Chefs-d'oeuvre'' that are striving on the internet.


Bazilik is a real estate company dedicated in renting and selling real estate properties.

Diedo academy

Diedo Academy

Diedo Academy is an E-learning platform that offers different programs in Haitian Creole.

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Markancetech is the website you're visiting right now, a website dedicated

Markance tech digital marketing services

Your Project

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"Markancetech has been a game changer for my business. Their digital marketing strategies have helped me reach a wider audience and increase my online sales. The team is professional, responsive, and always goes above and beyond to deliver results. I highly recommend their services." - Johnson, owner of Johnson's Boutique
Matthew Johnson
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